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With Imprim ‘Vert, we already guarantee documents that respect the environment. Each year since 2008, we have obtained the renewal of “Imprim ‘Vert” label.


Specific to printing business industry, this label shows a desire to reduce environmental impacts associated with our business.

Taking into account the environment, especially being located in the heart of Auvergne, it became essential for us in the daily operation and management of our productions.

A national specification book must be strictly respected in order to obtain this trademark which is a challenge each year.

The label attribution criteria are the following:

  • Must remove in a consistent manner with regulations and proof to support the following wastes: chemistries of plates, cleaning of used solvents, soiled rags,  boxes and waste ink, wasted glue, solution of wetting waste, plastics and packaging.
  • Secure storage of new hazardous liquids and liquid waste in use.
  • No use of “toxic” labeled products.


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council): this certification where its origin from Canada, was born in 1993, after the Earth Summit in Rio by WWF: http://www.fsc.org/

PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification): this certification was born in 1999, by the initiative of European Forest Owners: http://www.pefc-france.org/

The PEFC or FSC certification is obtained after an audit performed by an independent accredited body. This

Certification is valid for 5 years, with a follow up audit each year. Once the certification is approved, the company receives the certificate, together with a chain of control number, where has to be referred for each use of PEFC or FSC trademarks (including in the Delivery note and invoices of the company).

These environmental certifications guarantee that all the papers which we print are made of certified paste and that the chain of control has been respected in all the production and distribution stages, in other term, directly from the forest to you.

We can produce for our clients’ documents that contain one of these certification labels. From the first stage of your quotation, ask us for a certified paper (FSC or PEFC).

You demonstrate your commitment for the respect of the environment, as ou have chosen a paper which throughout its production line has the same commitment, the management of the forests in a long-lasting and responsible way.