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Our partnership with CLIMCO (under licence of production) allows us to respond rapidly and effectively to all your needs of printing.

CLIMCO has assessed and validated our techniques of securized codes (invisible code system) and integrated cards.

Information for the international shipments: the customs’ nomenclature of the ICS product is exempt from the totality or partiality of custom’s taxes in all of the countries thanks to its nomenclature number or HS code and it is also accompanied with EURL1 document.

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Certified in the FSC paper (http://www.fsc-france.org/marque.htm) and PEFC (http://www.pefc-france.org), Page International as well as our partner CLIMCO are labeled Imprim’vert and both respect the environment by engaging themselves in the controlled elimination of dangerous wastes throughout the graphic chain:

  • Revealing and fixatives spent
  • Waters of rinsing
  • Empty boxes of ink
  • Paper: pass, slip sheet of printing and packaging, scraps
  • Soiled packages
  • Water of anchorage
  • Rags
  • The elimination of these wastes is assured by the approved enterprises. Each waste is eliminated separately according to its chemical or organic criterion.