• Deposit patent, new support for the transmission of secured code for banks, financed services, Internet, direct marketing, GSM (code PIN, PUK) health, confidential code, PIN mailer, electronic vote, elector code...
  • Unreadibility of number during the edition in laser or inkjet
  • Possible printing with mirror in the front side allowing a direct reading of the code after removing the ICS3 system from the opposite side
  • Our system has flexibility in the positioning for the personalization of the latter in the documents
  • ICS3 system is secured on both sides
  • Impossibility of repositioning the ICS3 system
  • Secured expedition of support with its code in an ordinary envelop-impossibility of picking up the support in through a postal sorting
  • Many actual systems have faults and the codes are therefore readable without physical intervention or leaving traces. ICS is not sensitive to any of the attacks listed. For more information about its attacks, you can consult  the work University of Cambridge. No scraping is being necessary, the risk of deterioration doesn’t exist and the code still readable for the user.


  • Only one simple manipulation for the final user, without deterioration of innovative product code
  • High quality of resolution and reading of code(s) after removing the ICS.3 system
  • Support marketing innovator (possibility quadri   R° - V°)
  • Feasible format continous A4, letter, continous all format
  • Dementions of figures for the code in etiquette of your convenance
  • Positioning of the ICS3 system inA4 where it seems good for you
  • Information for the international shipments: the customs’ nomenclature of the ICS product is exempt from the totality or partiality of custom’s taxes in all of the countries thanks to its nomenclature number or HS code and it is also accompanied with EURL1 document.